Scarsdale, NY Property Tax Revaluation

Scarsdale, NY Property Tax Revaluation

Scarsdale Property Revaluation — how will this affect my Assessment?

The town of Scarsdale is undertaking town-wide property reassessment project. Here are some things you should know:

Along with every property in the town of Scarsdale, YOUR PROPERTY WILL BE REVALUED. If your home's valuation goes up, YOUR PROPERTY TAXES MAY GO UP. March 2016: 2016 Preliminary Assessments Issued March/April 2016: Informal Preliminary Assessment Reviews with Tyler Technologies June 1. 2016: 2016 Tentative Assessment Roll Published June 21, 2016: Deadline to file Formal Assessment Complaints September 15, 2016: 2016 Final Assessment Roll Published October 15, 2016: Deadline to file Small Claims Assessment Review Petitions October 2016 - April 2017: Assessor Negotiations / SCAR Trials April 2017: Assessment Reductions reflected on town / county property tax bills

As a property owner in the town of Scarsdale, you have the right to discuss the new assessment with the revaluation firm, file a grievance with the Scarsdale Board of Assessment Review, file a Small Claims Assessment review petition, discuss your complaint and negotiate an adjusted assessment with the Scarsdale Property Tax Assessor, and argue your case at a SCAR Trial.

Granite Tax Reduction can help!

Experienced in property assessment since 1979, we will analyze your property tax situation, determine if your property is over-assessed, and represent you throughout the entire appeal process.

We will research your property and let you know if we think you are over-assessed. We will prepare all documentation. We will file all forms. We will handle your case through every step of the process. We will meet with the revaluation firm. We will file your Grievance Day complaint. We will represent you at Small Claims Assessment Review hearings. We only get paid if we get your assessment reduced.

Town of Scarsdale Revaluation Summary

The town of Scarsdale is undergoing a town wide reassessment project. Every property in the town of Scarsdale will be revalued as a result of this project. The 2016 preliminary assessments are expected to be issued to all property owners in March 2016. Property owners/representatives will have an opportunity to attend informal preliminary assessment review meetings with representatives of Tyler Technologies to discuss the new assessments in late March/early April.


The tentative assessment roll will be published on June 1, 2016. Any property owners/representative that did not attend informal assessment review meetings to discuss their preliminary assessment or did not receive an appropriate reduction in assessment as a result of those meetings will have the opportunity to file a formal complaint with the Board of Assessment Review. The deadline to file the complaint, called Grievance Day, is June 21, 2016.


The Board of Assessment Review meets throughout the summer months to review all of the complaints that were filed. The final assessment roll is published September 15, 2016. The Board of Assessment Review is required to deliver their decision by the middle of September. If the outcome of the complaint filed with the Board of Assessment Review is unfavorable, property owners/representatives have the opportunity to appeal the decision by filing a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) petition, as long as the property is eligible for SCAR proceedings. The deadline to file SCAR petitions is October 15, 2016.


Once petitions are filed, the assessors and property owners/representatives have the opportunity to discuss their individual case with the assessor. This is Granite's opportunity to prove our opinion of value to the assessor. If a value for the property cannot be agreed upon, the court will schedule a trial, and the case will be argued in front of a judge.


Regardless of when the case is settled, the first time any savings will be reflected will be on a property tax bill as a result of a reduction on assessment is the April 2017 town/county property tax bill.

What We Do & Why We Are Successful

Granite researches every property to determine whether the assessed value is excessive. When a property owner contacts us, we gather information specific to the property in question. We ask questions such as; is the property residential, commercial, owner occupied? (The process is different for these three categories.) Next, we will ask details about the property history; how long you have owned it? Do you have an appraisal for the property; has it recently been/is it currently listed for sale? Additionally, we request information specifically about the property such as how many bedrooms, has your kitchen/bathroom been updated, on so on.


We do our initial research to determine if the current assessed value of the home is excessive and if so, by how much. We determine this by comparing your property to similar properties that have sold in the past year or so.


Preliminary assessments are expected to be available early March. Once we have the new assessment and all of the specific property details we will begin our research. We will let you know if you are over-assessed, fairly assessed, or under-assessed.


If we find that you are over-assessed:


Granite Real Estate Tax Consultants, LLC, will prepare all of the documentation, file all of the forms, and handle your case from the preliminary informal assessment review meetings with Tyler Technologies through, if necessary, Grievance Day complaint through, if necessary, the Small Claims Assessment Review hearings. Our fee to handle your case is 50% of the first year tax savings. If we are not successful, then you owe us nothing.


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